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We specialise in supporting companies of medium and large size


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Solowski Consultancy BV

Solowski Consultancy BV specialises in advising Dutch, Polish and also other foreign companies in the Netherlands. We offer comprehensive service in the field of legal and tax consulting.

We specialise in helping companies of medium and large size, which are interested in expanding their business in the territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Business in the Netherlands offers many new opportunities.

Business Services

We offer comprehensive services in the field of legal and tax consulting. Our services include:

Tax& Legal Advice

We focus primarily on international business, where the treaties, the European directives in national legislation are decisive.


Solowski Consultancy offers a full range of accounting services, preparation of financial statements and tax returns.


Our company is also engaged in comprehensive consulting in the field of human resources and wages.

Tax& Legal Scans

Our company also specialises in advising on policies regarding business taxation.

News & Publications

Ministry of Finance: Automatic exchange of information to tackle tax evasion

Dijsselbloem, Dutch Minister of Finance signed a declaration on October 29, 2014 in Berlin together with other 51 countries on automatic exchange of tax information. Netherlands will receive from these countries information about possible Dutch taxpayers. Netherlands will also provide information on possible foreign taxpayers. Dutch financial institutions are going to report information to the …

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The Court of Audit: Fiscal rules in the Netherlands not exceptional, but favourable for international companies

Data from the Department of Revenue shows that the internationally operating companies, which declared their taxes in the Department of Revenue in Rotterdam, did not pay the 15% dividend tax, but less than 1% thanks of tax agreements and European regulations functioning in the Netherlands. In the past decade, the amounts of dividends, interest and …

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When is mandatory participation in industry pension funds appropriate in cross-border employment?

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