Solowski Consultancy exists since 2005. In the initial phase of our activity, we provided consulting services for the companies planning to move their production to Poland. We also provided investment advice on real estate and acquisitions of companies in Poland.

In 2006, we expanded our activities by adding tax and legal advice and accounting to our services, for the Polish, Dutch and also foreign companies operating in the Netherlands.

Since 2009 our company has been certified by an industry organization NOAB (Dutch association of experts in the field of administration and taxes). This certificate guarantees the highest quality of service.

In connection with the development of the company in 2010, we moved our headquarters from Maarsbergen to a larger office in Zeist.

Since 2011, we have introduced a number of changes related to the automation and upgrade of our services. Unit 4 is the new software used in the office.

We prepare financial statements in English and Dutch. For the clients, the introductions of the electronic dossier is particularly advantageous. It enables our clients to get access to our services from their own computer via the website of our company.

By 2013, we introduced an automated recognition of scanned invoices and invoices sent electronically without putting them manually into the system.