Solowski Consultancy Ltd both with law office “Houtappel Advocatenkantoor” offers support and assistance in starting and running new business in the Netherlands. Most important is to connect and to get in cooperation the Dutch companies with international companies in the segment of medium and large enterprises. Above mentioned business activities will be analyzed in terms of legal and tax, fiscal way. Belong to them will be: - consulting prior to joining - contracts and agreements - issues related with the tax office (VAT, corporate income tax etc.) - social benefits (staff), which have a significant impact on business operations. As you can see, there are many issues that you should pay attention before the beginning of international cooperation, during, and after.

Solowski Consultancy Ltd has extensive experience in tax consultancy and proceedings of various organizations and the tax office. Collectively with law office “Houtappel Advocatenkantoor” we are able to undertake the conduct and resolution of various legal and tax matters. We invite all companies which are interested cooperation with Dutch companies from various sectors including: construction, shipbuilding, transportation and logistics, recruitment industry, technical installation offices.

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