Tax & Legal Advice

In fiscal and legal advice, we focus primarily on international business, where the treaties, the European directives in national legislation are decisive. We are the specialists on the application of the bilateral treaty provisions between Poland and the Netherlands. We advise many Polish, Dutch and firms from other countries on the application of tax law aspects concerning conducting business in the Netherlands, focusing on services, trade and the creation of new entities in the Netherlands. In international business, the most important thing is a proper tax legal structure between the countries.


Solowski Consultancy offers a full range of accounting services, preparation of financial statements and tax returns. Our customers can enjoy access to online accounting via the site designed for that purpose.

Our offer includes :

  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax Settlements, VPB (CIT) and other
  • Preparing reports
  • Preparation of annual accounts


Our company is also engaged in comprehensive consulting in the field of human resources and wages, and in particular: consultancy on the legal requirements to maintain personnel entering and maintaining collective employment agreements (CAO) preparation of the documents related to employment and dismissal of the employees accounting for the employees (both in Poland – Social Security (ZUS), as well as abroad) preparation for NEN4400 – 1 or 2.

 Tax & legal scans

Our company also specialises in advising on policies regarding business taxation. Properly planned tax decisions can contribute to significant savings, and improve the financial situation of the firm, while reducing the tax risk and optimizing operations.